iSonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Model DS300 with 2 wafer transducers, touch-sensing controls, digital timer with 5 Settings, 10 minutes maximum
Cooling fan, detachable power cord, power switch
0.9Qt/0.8L, Tank Size 7.1"x3.4"x2.3". 42,000 Hz. AC110V, 55W
For small instruments, chair-side operations, mobile instrument cleaning, etc
Accessories included: plastic basket, watch stand, and 1oz iSonic Cleaning Solution


Tank Cap. 800 ml 0.85 Qt
Tank Size 18x8.7x5.8 cm 7.1"x3.4"x2.3"
Max. Level 650 ml 0.68 Qt
Freq. 42,000 Hz 42,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 v 100~120 v
Power 60 w 55 w
Unit Size 22x13.8x14.1 cm 8.7"x5.4"x5.6"

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