P4810 + FREE Beaker and 1oz Solution
for Cosmetic Tools


Designed for cleaning makeup brushes, jewelry, and tools
Can be used for other commercial applications where stronger cleaning and longer working hours are needed
Accessories included: plastic basket and 1oz iSonic Cleaning Solution (+ FREE 500ml BEAKER w/ BEAKER LID & FREE BEAKER HOLDER -or- FREE 1000ml & FREE BEAKER HOLDER when purchased as promotional offer)


Select Beaker Combo:

Tank Cap. 2 L 2.1 Qt
Tank Size 18.3x15.3x7.7 cm 7.2"x6"x3"
Max. Level 1.7 L 1.8 Qt
Freq. 35,000 Hz 35,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 v 100~120 v
Power 160 w 135 w
Unit Size 26.5x23x18 cm 10.4"x9.1"x7.1"

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