P4810 + FREE Beaker and 1oz Solution
for Liposomal Vitamin C


For at-home DIY production of liposomal vitamin C
Designed for cleaning makeup brushes, jewelry, and tools
Can be used for other commercial applications where stronger cleaning and longer working hours are needed
Accessories included: plastic basket and 1oz iSonic Cleaning Solution (+ FREE 500ml BEAKER w/ LID & FREE BEAKER HOLDER -or- FREE 1000ml BEAKER & FREE BEAKER HOLDER when purchased as promotional offer)


Select Beaker Combo:

Tank Cap. 2 L 2.1 Qt
Tank Size 18.3x15.3x7.7 cm 7.2"x6"x3"
Max. Level 1.7 L 1.8 Qt
Freq. 35,000 Hz 35,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 v 100~120 v
Power 160 w 135 w
Unit Size 26.5x23x18 cm 10.4"x9.1"x7.1"

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