Tank capacity increased from 1400 ml (3 pint) to 2500 ml (2.6 quart)
Heater added for better cleaning effect
Industrial grade ultrasonic transducer with twice of power and durability vs. personal models
Rectangular tank opening suitable for cleaning longer items
PCB design, cleaning speed and cleaning effect are better than P4800
With grounding and detachable power cord for better safety and easier handling
Digital control, LED display, 5 timer settings 180, 280, 380, 480 and 90 seconds
Heater preset at 65℃ (149℉), runs independently from cleaning
Overheating protector
Cooling fan
Suitable for professional cleaning
Optional plastic basket
Optional upgraded model with a 25-minute timer


Tank Cap. 2.5 L 2.6 Qt
Tank Size 24.8x14.8x8 cm 9.8"x5.8"x3.1"
Max. Level 2.1 L 2.2 Qt
Freq. 35,000 Hz 35,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 v 100~120 v
Power 170 w 160 w
Unit Size 29x22.3x18.5 cm 11.4"x8.8"x7.3"

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