ISonic p4875(ii) Commercial Ultrasonic cleaner, 2Gal/7.5L, with stainless steel rack and tray for full Size cassettes, Beige color, heater, drain, 110V, Plus a box of dualzyme Ultrasonic instrument cleaning tablet, 64 tablets/box
Touch sensing solid control panel located on the front side, layout to save counter space. 30 minute timer. Super sized Ultrasonic Transducer
35,000 Hz, 360W, 110V, detachable power cord, power switch
Timer settings: 1 to 30 minutes full range timer. 3 industrial grade stack transducers with individual control PCB for unmatched cleaning power. 3 ceramic heaters
Dualzyme Ultrasonic instrument cleaning tablet. Cleans faster and better than single enzyme tablets, with rust inhibitor. 64 tablets per box. 1 tablet for half gallon or 2L of water. Works faster and better with the heater used


Tank Cap. 7.5 L 2 gal.
Tank Size 33.1x23.8x10.5 cm 13"x9.4"x4.1"
Max. Level 6 L 1.6 gal.
Freq. 35,000 Hz 35,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 v 100~120 v
Power 165 w 140 w
Unit Size 51.5x35x24.3 cm 20.3"x13.8"x9.6"

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