iSonic DS180 New!
  • Global Voltages: AC100-240V or DC12V, 2.5A 25W
  • Breakthrough technology: First DC powered ultrasonic cleaner that reaches over 20W
  • Sweeping frequency 36K to 41K Hz for more efficient, quieter and better cleaning
  • Full wave ultrasound vs. half wave for other personal models including F3900 so its cleaning efficiency is doubled
  • Detachable AC adapter included, compact size, touch sensing controls, intuitive to use and easy to handle
  • Large tank capacity, fits to accomadate pair of dentures, retainers, aligners, dental and sleep apnea appliances, mouth guard
  • Optional accessories: liftable strainer
  • Optional rechargable Li-ion battery pack for additional convenience (DS180B)


Tank Cap. 0.22 L 0.44 Pt
Max. Level180 ml0.38 Pt
Freq.36,000-41,000 Hz36,000-41,000 Hz
Voltage220~240 V100~120 V
Power25 W25 W
Unit Size10.9x10.6x10.0 cm4.3"x4.1"x4"
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