iSonic F2900
  • iSonic Ultrasonic Ortho-K and Hard Contact Lens Cleaner removes protein and debris daily for renewed comfort
  • Specially dessigned to clean Ortho-K and hard contact lenses
  • Special micro transducer with ultrasonic frequency at 47K Hz, designed for Ortho-K and hard contact lenses
  • Full wave ultrasound with separate-excited circuitry
  • 7W power. Cleans the lenses but does not distort them
  • Global voltages with an AC100-240V adapter for world-wide use
  • Cleaning takes 2 minutes vs. overnight soaking with chemical solutions
  • Use plain tap water or saline solution, no contamination
  • Gives renewed comfort everyday Accessories included: plastic tweezers, power adapter


Tank Cap. 8 ml 0.02 pt
Freq. 46,000 Hz 46,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 7 W 7 W
Unit Size 10.4x7x5 cm 4.1"x2.8"x2"
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