iSonic P4821 (Promo)
  • The iSonic P4821 is our recommended model for at-home, DIY production of liposomal vitamin C. Pairing this model with a 1000ml or 500ml Beaker prevents your liposomal vitamin C from touching the cleaner's stainless steel tank and makes clean up easier. The iSonic P4810 features a more powerful transducer than our smaller models, which is neccessary for successful encapsulation of vitamin C. This model is also great for cleaning jewelry, cosmetic tools, and other items when not being used to make liposomal vitamin C, and it can be used for other commercial applications where stronger cleaning and longer working hours are needed.
  • Accessories included: plastic basket and Beaker Holder Set (include Beaker and Beaker Holder)
  • BHK01B (500 ml Beaker + Beaker Holder)
  • BHK03A (1000 ml Beaker + Beaker Holder)


Tank Cap. 2.5 L 2.6 Qt
Tank Size 24.5x15x7.6 cm 9.6x5.9x3 in
Max. Level 2.1 L 2.2 Qt
Freq. 35,000 Hz 35,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 170 W 160 W
Unit Size 31.4x24.3x20.4 cm 12.4x9.6x8 in
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