iSonic iSonic UW01
  • U-Tray™ teeth whitening with blue cold light to generate photocatalysis for fast and professional results. Average 8 shades lower after 5 sessions
  • U-tray™ can be used for teeth/gum massage which can relieve ortho treatment pain and produce other benefits
  • U-Brush™ with multiple applications: 1. 360° full-mouth teeth cleaning, also good as an Ortho brush or for people in special needs. 2. Massage which improves the health of gum and teeth. 3. Whitening
  • Four modes: 1. 1-minute cleaning, 5,000 RPM vibration. 2. 1-minute cleaning, 8,000 RPM. 3. gum or teeth massage, 15,000 RPM. 4. 10-minute whitening
  • Memory function to recall the last mode used
  • Contact charger using standard USB power source, rapid charging.
  • U-tray™ and U-Brush™ are made with medical grade silicone for cleanliness, durability and comfort
  • Water proof that meets IPX7 standard. It can be used in shower
  • Item include: 1 x power base, 1 x charging station, 1 x charging cable, 1 x U-Brush, 1 x U-Tray, 1 x Whitening gel.
  • Optional child-friendly base with U-Brush™ for 3-6 and 7-14 years(UW01-Kids). No whitening kit supplied for Kids's verson


Mode 1 1-minute cleaning 5,000 RPM
Mode 2 1-minute cleaning 8,000 RPM
Mode 3 gum/teath massage 15,000 RPM
Mode 4 10-minute whitening 15,000 RPM
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